Modules from Our Community

Below you will find listings of modules created by authors in our community. There will be a large number of Border Kingdoms modules by the very nature of our connection to Gamehole Con. If you have a module you want listed here, just let us know.

Gamehole Con – Border Kingdoms “Season 3”

  • CCC-GHC-BK03-01 Assassination in Oeble – Marcello De Velazsquez BUY
  • CCC-GHC-BK03-02 The Girl with the Wet Nose – Greg Marks BUY
  • CCC-GHC-BK03-03 Secrets in Storage – Ethan Yen BUY
  • CCC-GHC-BK03-04 A Mural of Arthyn – Justice Arman BUY
  • CCC-GHC-BK03-05 Duskwood Wild Magic Pools – Toni Winslow-Brill BUY
  • CCC-GHC-BK03-06 Sour in Splondar – Rick O’Donnell BUY
  • CCC-GHC-BK03-07 Once Stolen, Twice Deceived – Jeff C. Stevens BUY
  • CCC-GHC-BK03-08 The Archmage’s New Robes – Joe Alfano BUY
  • CCC-GHC-BK03-09 A Convergence of Gods – Anthony Joyce BUY
  • CCC-HERO-BK03-01 A Walk Along the Borders – Rick O’Donnell BUY
  • CCC-HERO-BK03-02 The Fire Rekindled – Ethen Yen BUY
  • CCC-HERO-BK03-03 A Lute Strung Double – Tim Mangan BUY
  • CCC-HERO-BK03-04 Lilium Inter Spinas – Joe Alfano BUY