Getting Started

So you’ve decided to join us… sweet… start by looking over the following…

(1) Start by downloading the FREE D&D Adventurers League Player & DM Pack – these rules will provide everything you need to make your character!

(2) If you don’t have a Player’s Handbook – which we highly recommend getting from one of your local games stores without whom we wouldn’t have the great locations to play D&D – you can start with the FREE D&D Basic Rules PDF

(3) Read our Code of Conduct. Every player and DM has chosen to abide by our Code of Conduct by attending an event.

Now as to joining us here are some common questions… If you have others, just reach out!

Do you need to be an experienced D&D player?
Nope – no experience is required – just a great attitude and creativity are required…

How old do I need to be?
We have players from 7 to 87 – if you’re on the younger side (13 or younger) we highly recommend you have a parent join you – unless you’re exceptionally mature. We have many families that play together – and encourage raising up the next generation of geeks on the best RPG of all time… 🙂

What do I need to bring?
We recommend you bring dice, a Players Handbook (if you have one), and a character (but we also have pre-generated characters if you would like to start with one of those). That’s it…!

Do I need to signup ahead of time?
Yes, we often fill up – and to guarantee that you have a spot reserved – please please sign up ahead of time. Also helps us make sure we have enough DMs.

What should I expect?
We often are running 8+ tables with 7 people at each table + a DM. You should expect to get grouped in with other players that are playing the same general level as the character you will be playing. Then expect to have a great time!

I’ve DM’d in the past -or- would like to start DM’ing and I’m comfortable with the rules – do you need more DMs?
Yes, always — we have an INCREDIBLE community of DMs and players, but those that DM regularly would often love to play – contact us and we’d love to have you!

Still have move questions?
Just drop us an e-mail… 🙂

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