Code of Conduct

Mission Statement:

MadDnD/25th Hour Events was created to promote the public play experience for Adventurers League in Madison Wisconsin and the surrounding community. We strive to not only offer continuing play opportunities for our community, but to offer an open and welcoming environment to teach players new to Dungeons and Dragons.

Code of Conduct

Last updated: May 12, 2022

Madison Dungeons & Dragons (Madison D&D) is committed to providing a safe, diverse, and inclusive environment for everyone to enjoy playing Dungeons & Dragons together, both in-person and online. Everyone who participates at Madison D&D events, must adhere to the following Code of Conduct.

Events, Platforms, and Spaces

Madison D&D is exclusively dedicated to Adventurers League (AL), the official Wizards of the Coast organized play program for Dungeons & Dragons. To facilitate our focus on AL games, non AL games (such as homebrew) may not be promoted during our events or on our online platforms.

While we may not always agree with all AL rules, for everyone’s enjoyment please minimize excessive criticism or complaints.

Unauthorized use (such as pirated copies of modules) are prohibited. Authors don’t make a lot of money, please support them by purchasing modules at our local game stores or online through DM’s Guild. See – and click on “D&D Adventurers League” for official content.

Madison D&D will follow all codes of conduct for its in-person game spaces. These may include provisions not listed in the Madison D&D Code of Conduct.

Conduct and Consequences

Participants must conduct themselves in a manner that is conducive to the enjoyment and safety of all attendees.

  • For everyone’s continued enjoyment, any breaches of the Code of Conduct that are not immediately resolved to the satisfaction of our organizers will result in your immediate dismissal from the event and/or online forums, etc.
  • Depending on the severity of the breach of the Code of Conduct, you may be temporarily removed or permanently removed from our community. We never want to see that happen – so please play nice and be aware of the details in the Code of Conduct below.

General Game and Community Etiquette

  • Play at Madison D&D events is rated PG-13.
  • Respect all participants’ identities, beliefs, and abilities in our spaces and platforms.
  • Before you do or say anything, please think about how others may perceive your words or actions. If you feel that what you or your character is doing could be construed as objectionable to anyone at your table – don’t do it! If you’re not sure, ask the DM and/or the other players first.
  • Respect your Dungeon Master, they are volunteering their time to provide YOU the opportunity to play.
  • DMs have the final say on ALL rulings during a session. Player(s) and DMs may discuss rules after the end of the session. If you continue to argue with the DM, the DM is empowered to remove you from their table, and/or ask the organizers to remove you from the event.
  • Respect the players at your table by avoiding excessive non-game related crosstalk.
  • Pay attention to the DM and stay engaged in roleplay. Use of mobile devices is permitted for referencing character information or relevant rules so long as you are engaged in the game and are not disruptive during the session.
  • Avoid disruptive metagaming, that is, using knowledge that your character would not know to influence in-game decision making. Metagaming often disrupts role-playing and the fun of playing D&D.

Inappropriate Behaviors and Actions

The following behaviors and actions can result in being excused from future Madison D&D events and platforms.

  • Offensive behavior, language, comments, and jokes that involve gender, age, sexual identity, appearance, race (real-life), ability, religion, ethnicity, or other forms of identity not explicitly listed here.
  • Vulgar, sexual, or objectionable mature language and subjects or pictures/graphics depicting them.
  • Intimidation, aggressive behavior, stalking, disruptive play at tables, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome attention (sexual or otherwise).
  • The display of sexually explicit objects or messages.
  • Unwelcome remarks of a sexual nature directed at another participant or character.
  • Persistent sexual or romantic advances without the other person’s willing participation.

Aggressive Behavior

Aggressive behavior is grounds for immediate dismissal from Madison D&D. This includes the following.

  • Threats of physical aggression.
  • Use of racial, gender-based, cultural, or other slurs, either against other attendees or in general.
  • Derogatory commentary on a person’s looks, age, dress, linguistic tradition, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, or gender identity (among others).
  • Harassment of attendees or threats thereof.

Dungeon Masters

  • As stated, Madison D&D is exclusively dedicated to Adventurers League (AL) – to the best of your abilities please adhere to the latest AL rules and only run legal AL adventures.
  • No one is expected to know all the rules, if you have a question – please ask your fellow DMs and/or organizers. We are stronger together as a community!
  • DMs are strongly encouraged to provide content warnings and use safety tools during games, which allow people at the table to identify and work around content that is disturbing or triggering.
  • Do what you need to do within the boundaries of AL rules to make everyone love playing D&D!


  • We have a variety of resources for you to learn how to play Adventurers League! You are not expected to know every rule, but please make every effort to familiarize yourself with the sources provided.
  • Resources are available via Madison D&D’s Discord, Meetup, and website as well as Wizards of the Coast’s Adventurers League website. See
  • To be fair to all players, if you knowingly continue to break AL rules you will be asked to leave our community.

Organizers and other Madison D&D Volunteers

  • If comfortable doing so, organizers and volunteers should attempt to use common sense to resolve breaches and/or perceived breaches of the Code of Conduct to the best of their abilities.
  • If no reasonable resolution is possible, lead organizers are empowered to ask the person to leave.
  • Always inform the venue representative of the situation and details.
  • In the event that a participant won’t leave, please let the venue representative escalate.
  • Follow up information and details always need to be reported to your Madison D&D administrators.

Reporting Incidents

If you see something, say something. We stand together as a community to support one another.

  • If comfortable doing so, DMs and players are empowered to ask participants to stop any remarks or behavior that is disruptive, unsafe, or violates our Code of Conduct.
  • DMs and players who are not comfortable addressing the incident may ask an organizer to intervene.
  • Incidents may be reported to any organizer via Discord or at in-person events.

Incidents may also report anonymously;

We are here to build a community around playing Dungeons & Dragons together in the most positive environment we can create! Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or reach out to your organizers.